4700 is close enough to 5K. Maybe I’ll go for a walk in the lovely April evening. I posted my books I’ve written meme thing the other day and then through a fit of WordPress/LJ crossover stupidity deleted it, so if you missed it and are interested, or commented and wonder why I haven’t answered, […]

Yesterday, after spending three days slogging through genuinely not very good writing, I did something I’ve never done before while writing a book: I gave myself permission to skip the hard part. Mostly I don’t do that, because mostly if I skip a bit when I come back to that part I’ve forgotten that I […]

(Um. Reposting this because for some weird reason, LJ ate the post. This is not the first time this has happened. Does anybody have any idea if it’s even *possible* to retrieve a post that LJ has wiped out? I mean, I have no particular attachment to the post itself, but there were comments on […]

Ursula has such a way with words. Normally, under any sane circumstances, 2300 or so words a day would be a totally respectable wordcount. But to get this book done this week, I need to be doing 5K. I went to Ursula and whimpered. She said, “Ah. So the problem is that you’re doing mere […]

I’ve just figured out why I feel like I’m slogging so very, very badly on this book. Realistically, I’m not: I’ve broken 500 pages, and a week ago I…ok, it was two weeks, that kind of sucks, oh well, but anyway, I was at 400 pages two weeks ago, and that’s not a bad rate […]