ytd wordcount

I’m sure you’ll all be surprised to hear I didn’t manage 5K a day for the entirety of January. I did about 70K, which is quite good, if not my Best Month Ever. ROSES IN AMBER has gone through copy edits and I’ll be putting those in on Friday (tomorrow is a rest day) and […]

We have not been well, here at this house. We have in fact been sick as dogs. We may even have had the flu: there were certainly fevers and aches and headaches and general misery. I was impressed with how sick I was on Saturday, actually, and then poor Indiana and Ted were wiped out […]

I have, a year late and after half a dozen false starts and tens of thousands of words thrown away, finally finished the 3rd book in the quartet I’m writing for my nephew. It is, I am pretty confident, utter shit, but Christ, at least it’s finished. That’s…three, I think. Books I’ve written this year. […]

I set myself a small, realistic wordcount goal this year, because last year was so phenomenally bad. 200K, that was my goal. I had over 100K by the end of March, so it was something of a letdown to take until yesterday to reach the 200K mark, but I have triumphed and heck, there are […]