Now I need a work icon. Hrm.

Anyway. You know, when there’s a very specific task, like bug fixing, with rapidly achieveable results, I really enjoy my job a lot more than I do when I’m even doing stuff like building new sites. I don’t know why that is exactly, because you’d think site development would be just as focused and interesting (or more so) than bug fixing, but for some reason it seems like I’m mostly happiest at my job right now when I’m fixing fiddly little things.

On the up side, they’re paying out phase one of phase two of the retention bonus next week (phase two of phase two will hopefully come in shortly before Christmas, but heaven knows what’ll really happen), which is an unexpected plus. As Shaun said, it’s *not* that bad a job.

And as of Friday, I think, we’re on code freeze until heaven knows when, as we start to develop all our sites all over again on the new parent company’s platform. That should actually be interesting. I hope. :)

Ow. Hiccuping. o.O


  1. Ain’t feedback grand?

  2. I picture your work icon as a Kitling with the mad gleam of enthusiasm in her eye, bending over either a keyboard or some Unidentifiable Device. :)

  3. Sounds perfect! Can you draw it for me? :)

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