100 Days Of Writing: A Project

Late last year, near the end of Nanowrimo, a friend said she thought maybe she would do a 100 days of writing challenge instead of NNWM, because she thought that would work better for her.

“Oh!” I said immediately, “I’ll do that with you!”

“AUGH,” she said, “but, but, you’ll actually DO it!”

We started yesterday. :)

As a matter of fact, about…30 of us started, I’d say, between Facebook and Twitter. The minimum goal is 100 words of writing every day for 100 days. People can do more than that, of course, and nobody’s going to throw a book at them or anything if they do less, but it’s our goal. Someone had said they’d initially thought 100 words was too small a goal, but then thought it was SO small it was practically impossible to convince themselves they COULDN’T DO IT, and once they got started, of course, they wanted go keep going. (This is the “handles on cups” principle and I’m delighted it’s working!)

The truth is I don’t know if I *will* actually do it, because I’m pretty sure I’ve never written 100 days in a row in my life. I have a list of projects to get through in the next 100 days, though, and I’m off to a good start (the synopsis I’m working on currently features the all-important question HOW CAN I BRING THIS BACK AROUND TO THEM ALMOST BANGING?), so this will be an interesting project and I’ll try to post about it regularly.

People are, of course, totally allowed to join us on our merry journey. I’ll be posting a daily #100DaysOfWriting thread on Twitter (not everybody on the hashtag is part of our loosely affiliated group, but several of them are), and we’ll just all see how it goes!

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2 thoughts on “100 Days Of Writing: A Project

  1. Handles on the cups! HANDLES. ON. THE. CUPS. I needed to read that and make it a part of my innermost being. I lose perspective and become immobilized by the perceived enormity of a task. As a therapist, that seriously pisses me off. :-/ Thank you ever so much for linking to that post – and my thanks to your potter friend as well.

    While I’m at it – I loved Seamaster! What a fascinating world you created. Bewitching Benedict was pretty fabulous too. However you pound them out, I love all your words. #fangirlingandsqueeing

    1. HANDLES ON THE CUPS! It’s such a useful metaphor and such a useful way to get through a project. Hooray! I’m glad it was a useful concept for you!

      Aww, I’m glad you liked the books, too! ♥! Thank you!

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