being watched :)

Yesterday I was trying to get the compost bin back in the garden, and was having a bit of a hard time getting it going. Finally, exasperated, I made a cross-eyed sticky-outty-tongue face and rolled my entire head as I bodily lifted it and changed its direction so I could get it to move. Then I looked up and a guy across the street, waiting at the red light in his car, had been watching and was now laughing and laughing and laughing.

So that was okay. :)

(I admit I often do that kind of thing (and had in fact in this case) for the benefit of any potential onlookers, but I’d never had (or caught) one before. It was pretty funny. :))

Speaking of compost (sort of) in a fit of enthusiasm inspired by my friend Chrysoula, I have bought the roses and raspberries I want to plant in the back garden along the wall. Unfortunately I haven’t cleared out the growing area there, so … I gotta go do that. And I suspect I essentially lack the materials required to do it properly, but I’m going to go attack it with a rake in a few minutes here and at least attempt to beat back the dead stuff. Then I may go at it all with the giant hedge shears, after which I should be thoroughly exhausted, particularly since I got up at 4:40 this morning. @.@

I have probably too-ambitious dreams of putting a container-garden together on the garden walls, too. I mean, truthfully what I need for it is a concrete drill, some hanging baskets and some compost (I have seeds), which isn’t very much but which may be more than I have actual enthusiasm for. But I’d really *like* to…

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  1. My mother used to say, ‘it’s all in the way you hold your mouth’. That’s why it’s so much easier to thread a needle with your tongue stuck out the side of your mouth.

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