I actually got up at a fairly reasonable hour (er, okay, at what point in my life did SIX FIFTEEN IN THE MORNING become a REASONABLE HOUR?) and got not only my 1100 words written, but also another 450 after that, which caught me up to yesterday’s writing. I’m not generally trying to make up days if I miss one or fall short, but I really wanted to round out the 850ish I wrote yesterday, so I’m pleased about that. There’s character development and back history going on in the story now. Cool. :)

We actually went to the gym last night, yay! I think that makes 4 trips to the Big Gym (which is different from the gym class) this month. Must go again tonight to do weights. The scale (ironically, perhaps, since I’ve actually started exercising again) tells me that I’ve re-found 5 of the pounds I lost. :P So my goal is to lose them again over the next couple weeks. Fnrt. Anyway, did 10 miles on the bike yesterday, and that was all. My butt was numb. Stupid hard stationary bike seats.

It’s VERY COLD AND BLOWY here. Beautiful, but cold. They say it’s supposed to get up to 40 as soon as the stupid wind stops blowing. (It’s 12 now. Stupid, stupid wind.)

I was *going* to write more last night, but instead I read Planetary: Crossing Worlds (I love Warren Ellis) and a book of Valdemar short stories. And thudded into bed early ’cause my tummy felt ooky.

That’s all I know today!

(Happy, Trent? :))

ytd wordcount: 106,350
ytd miles biked: 55

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  1. Don’t be too discouraged about the scale. Very frequently when one starts lifting weights, one gains a few pounds (muscle weighs more than fat and you’re increasing muscle via strength training), which will go away if you continue exercising, particularly if you do things other than weights.

  2. Yah, I know, it’s just that I haven’t done that much weight lifting yet. It doesn’t seem likely that it’s accounting for the extraneous five pounds. Not all of it, anyway. Stoopid scale. :)

  3. Yes, well, that’s what you get for mixing Warren Ellis and Mercedes Lackey. It goes a little like this…



    Sp’dar smiled gently at his telepathic companion, the mutant cat. “And a good morning to you, too. Do you want breakfast?”

    More urgently: ~SHITFORBRAINS~

    Sp’dar stopped, shocked. “He wouldn’t /dare/.”


    “Well, then I’ll just have to stomp him into the ground with the shining light of Truth. Not in /my/ kingdom, he doesn’t.”

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