2017: a retrospective / 2018: some goals

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2017 wasn’t as personally awful as 2016, but it was still a trash fire. I’m ending it on a high note, though, after a Herculean effort that saw me write 25K in 3 days, 13.2 of that in *one* day (a personal best), to get a project in on time. I succeeded. I’m very tired, but I succeeded.

I wrote two books, neither of which were planned, and a novella (which was planned) this year, and some short stories. I published three books in 2018 (SEAMASTER (a middle grade epic fantasy), BEWITCHING BENEDICT (a romantic Regency comedy of errors) and ROSES IN AMBER (a retelling of Beauty and the Beast)) and I’m proud of them all.

I got the e-book, at least, of REDEEMER out to my Kickstarter supporters, and am working on the print editions.

My goals for 2018 involve acquiring some friggin’ balance, though. I did about 65K this month, with over a third of that in three days. In theory I could do the same much more easily by writing about 3K a day JUST ON WORK DAYS, NOT INCLUDING WEEKENDS, which is a pretty achievable number for me. I want to spend fewer hours doing binge writing and more time doing art and reading a bit. I want to spend more than five minutes at the end of the day doing my stupid DuoLingo studies. I want to spend less time saying, “Sorry, honey, I can’t, Mommy is working right now,” to my son. I want to get to bed earlier and to the gym much, much more often.

That would be like balance.

That would be good.

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  1. A lot of people seem to like Duolingo, but I find it markedly unhelpful. It tells you when you get something wrong but never why, and it doesn’t tell you what would be correct. It seems marginally useful for learning vocabulary, but vocabulary alone does not constitute a language.

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