a list of petty complaints

Complaint #1: I play Tetris on my phone in “solve a level” mode, not ‘marathon’ mode. They have recently raised the “buy ten more lines to see if you can complete this level” from watching an ad or 200 ‘coins’ (which you earn in-game by completing levels, or can purchase) to 1000 coins.

This has caused me to swear in my soul that I will never buy another goddamn ten lines or watch another goddamn ad, because that’s too much escalation. 300, even 400, I coulda maybe gone for, but no, now I will PLAY THE SAME LEVEL FORTY TIMES, RATHER THAN GIVE UP MY USELESS COINS TO THEIR GREED. And it turns out if you do that enough, they also stop giving you the bonus coins that you earn for attempting the level. Bastards.

Complaint #2: My husband and I tried to go out for lunch together, but it was a QR code restaurant only and after several minutes of being unable to easily select, deselect, or customize items on the menu, then it was also very difficult to even submit the order. We left. I’m too GenX for this shit.

Complaint #3: My poor Surface Pro, which is ~8 years old & which I love dearly & don’t ever want to give up bc it was a gift from a now-dead friend, is slowly losing its ability to keep its cool. Or, more accurately, was slowly losing its ability to keep its cool, & is now much more rapidly losing said ability.

I think the long days at the retreat about did the poor thing in. It had a bad summer a few years back when I was in an office with direct sunlight and one day it just went NOPE. It’s never been quite the same since, and now I fear we really are approaching the end of our time together. :(

Complaint #4: When I complained about Complaint #3 on bs, a bunch of people helpfully suggested possible fixes. While I understand that the phrasing could suggest that I was looking for a solution, my complaint did not contain a question.

Complaint #5: I have missed Wordle like 6 out of the last 9 days. In several cases, once I learned the answer, it was clear I was never going to think of that word. This does not make me feel better.

This brings to the end my list of petty complaints.


2 thoughts on “a list of petty complaints

  1. I totally sympathize with payment for levels nonsense – it would make leveling much faster on Candy Crush Soda Saga if I paid for buffs, but I haven’t put any money into the game so far.

    I have used Word Finder with Wordle, but have also done puzzles with words that I can’t recall ever actually using!

    My current rants are against Windows 11 – the design team are not people I’d want to hang out with, their logic is incompatible with mine!!

    Hope the rest of your week is better.

    1. I’ve got to get a new computer soon and I was going to hang on for the Surface 10 but it’s supposed to be completely loaded with AI, so I’m thinking I’ll wait for them to come out and try to pick up a high-end 9 on sale, because yeah, grrrrgh.

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