a nice evening

We went over to Mom & Dad’s for dinner with Deirdre and Gavin and Breic and Allison and Marge and Lizzie and Issac and dessert with all those people and also Branwyn and Juna, and it was v. good. Mom made really really yummy halibut and garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli and fruit salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I had a glass of water which I had sitting on a not terribly safe place, and Gavin kicked it over and broke it. Ten minutes later, I spilled my new glass of water. I said, “Fuck,” and everyone else laughed and laughed and gave me a hard time about the water glass, until the end of the evening when someone mentioned to the newly-arrived Branwyn that there’d been some water glass problems, and she asked, “Was Deirdre involved in this?” and then Deirdre got all huffy and defensive and said, “NOOOOOOOOO,” which was very funny. :)

Branwyn is teaching Arjuna sign language, which reminded my mother of two years ago at Christmas when we met my … cousin of some sort (my cousin’s daughter), Sarah, who also had been taught sign, and she luuuuuurves ice cubes, and kept asking for more, and they’d stopped giving her any because she was shivering and cold, but she asked for more, so Chris, her father, went and got her one, and as he went into the kitchen, I said to her, “Can you say “sucker”?”

And she said, “Suck-er!”

It was *awfully* funny. She said it the rest of the night. :)

And, um. Now I’m all sleepy. Oh. I went on a 10.7 mile bike ride tonight, too, that was good, and I plotted out a 1.75 mile walk to take through the neighborhood with Chantico, so that’ll be good. Fewer bugs.

Oh oh and Deirdre and Gavin are probably staying up here through July 5th, instead of leaving Wednesday! Yay! Yay! *beam* I wil get to see more Breic! And more Deirdre! And more Gavin! Even if Breic drooled on me. There’s a picture of me telling him how disgusting he is. :)

miles to Mordor: 389.7 (400! so! close! augh!)

5 thoughts on “a nice evening

  1. There was a postcard for sale at CAT that said: How can you identify a happy cyclist? By the bugs in their teeth.

    Oh, and teaching sign to small people is a good idea!

    And, at Celtica they had little bookmarks with names on them and they had a Gavin, but they didn’t have a Breic. (And they had Catherine and Shaun/Sean, but no Ted.)

  2. Is that how the removed thing works? Someone told me it was, and then someone else told me that “removed” meant “by marriage”. Hrm.

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