Did my 5 chapters of author alterations on URBAN SHAMAN. It’s…weird. I’ve read the book a trillion times, but there’s still this part of my mind that keeps going, “Huh. I wrote that?”, and “Huh. That’s pretty good. Huh.” It’s just weird. But I figured I’m better off stopping now before I get complacent about it. I’ll do another 5 chapters tomorrow, and so on and so forth. They’re due the 17th. I’ll fax them to NY on Friday or Monday, I expect.

I’m doing word changes, mostly. Here and there. Noticed that I used “screamed” three times in five sentences, for example. That kind of stuff. And, Starling: I decided that yes, “metaphysical” was indeed the word I wanted. A different connotation than metaphorical, to be sure, but by the definition of “immaterial or incorporeal” of “metaphysical”, yeah, it’s what I was going for. Thanks for making me think about it, though. :)

Somehow I actually got everything on my list of thinks to do done today. I went to see “Closer”, which I thought was … shallow. It didn’t quite work. Individually everyone was quite good, but somehow it didn’t mesh as a movie. I suspect the stage play is better, and I think I’ll have to read it. I imagine the structure’s very different, and I think the emotional content is probably considerably higher on stage; on the screen it was flat. Too slick. Not raw enough.

And I watched some Stargate with Ted and Shaun, did my chapters, did some writing, went for a walk, bought Breic a birthday present. The part I’m really liking about all this is that I can do it all without feeling guilty about not being at the desktop computer.

Silkie, I will post after getting my chapter written for tomorrow.

Ok. That’s everything for now.

miles to Lothlorien: 402


  1. Alix

    That’s disappointing about “Closer”, I’ve been wanting to see it ever since first seeing trailers for it…wow, months ago now.

    I think I’m still going to have to see it as a matinee.

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