accidents and accidents

We had a bookstore accident last night. A real one; somehow we came home with $130 worth of new books. It wasn’t my *fault*: the new C.S. Friedman book was out, and I thought I didn’t have enough cash to buy it (I later discovered I’d missed the $10 folded into the $20, so in fact I /did/ have enough cash to buy it, but, well, I didn’t know that then), and then I felt a bookstore accident coming on, and I got the four (FOUR!) Anne Perry books that I hadn’t gotten yet (frankly, I feel as if I quite deserved those, as two of the books are from the series I like so well that I’ll buy it in hardback!), a couple of Rhys Bowen books that I’d been wanting (I’ve been wanting to buy mysteries, but I’d been holding back because I’ve been trying not to have bookstore accidents!), and just to throw some stuff into the mix, a Greg Bear book and some random YA fantasy I picked up. Oh, and then I saw and simply couldn’t resist What Would Buffy Do? which is some sort of spiritual guide using the Buffy universe as its backbone. The idea amused me so much that I had to buy it. :) I’ll lend it to Aberdeen as soon as I’m done reading it. :) And Ted got, let’s see. 2 or 3 Honor Harrington books, 3 Simon Green books, and … I think at least one other book. Can’t remember. So it was a proper bookstore accident!

I also had a little clothing store accident on Wednesday. V. little, comparatively, but we went over to get me some new spandex shorts, and then they had some really nice solid color v-neck t-shirts, which I like a lot, so I accidentally bought three, and then while I was at it, I got a couple of skinny girl tank tops (which are the sort with built-in bras and which are snug fitting (probably slightly *too* snug fitting, but I’m wearing one right now and don’t feel too horribly pudgy, so that’s nice)).

Accidents galore. :)

I am attempting to take today off. However, Barb isn’t answering her IM, so I donno when, exactly, I’ll be able to start the taking the day off part of the day. Hrnf.

Stayed up far too late last night playing CoH. Which is not why I’m taking the day off: I’m taking the day off because it’s been an amazingly, stunningly gorgeous week and I flat-out don’t want to spend another day of it inside. Q2’s been released, the bugs I can fix are fixed, and dammit, I need a day off. So *there*.

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5 thoughts on “accidents and accidents

  1. Yay Simon Green!

    You realize that there is only one way to tell if the new tank tops are too tight-fitting, right? (Hey, it’s Friday!)

  2. At least the books from yesterday’s accident will have lots of company on the new book shelf.

  3. AAAAHHHHH!!! New C.S. Friedman book! AHHHHH!!!! There goes MY budget for the week!

  4. Somehow I”ve managed to read 5 and a half of the books without them actually *getting* to the TBR shelf. But they have a lot of company on the dining room table, so they’re probably not too lonely. :)

    *muahahahah at Laura*

  5. Hey! How did you get the new Friedman book so early?!? My local bookstore says it’s not being released until July 6! What gives? Heeeeeeeeyyyy……

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