accomplished kit!

Accomplished me! I got my whole to-do list done today, *plus* I got some more writing done this evening. Another 1350ish on TQB, making for 3224 words written today, wow, go me! I don’t know if it’s any *good*, but by George, I’m enjoying writing it. :) Actually… actually I think it’s coming along all right. I’m just about 20K into it (!) and things are getting set up. I’ve got characters appearing left and right who are going to be important, and I think by the end of this chapter I might have Belinda (my main character) in the right place to move into the meat of the story. Which is good, because if I’m pulling off 25K every 3 chapters, then .. yeah. Yeah, I think I’ve got my pacing just about right for a 150K book. We’ll see!

In other news, I went to Yoga For Weenies, and it was a good class. It’s not an exercise class, it’s a stretching class, and probably that’s really what I need right now. I shall go back. It felt good. Not in the same way as exercise, but it was good anyway.

Mailed the letter to the wretched IRS. Worked with Chanti a *little* bit. It’s been a pretty decent day. Oh, and the potato and ham chowder turned out really well! Yay!

ytd wordcount: 27,100

2 thoughts on “accomplished kit!

  1. The stretching part of yoga is very important. It keeps you from getting hurt when you do other exercise, which given your track record strikes me as kind of critical. Therefore you should keep going if it is fun. So speaks Dr. Laura. But not the radio version. ;)

  2. It wasn’t exactly fun, but it was good. If that makes any sense. Anyway, you’re right, I need the stretching and the strengthening badly, so I’ll keep going. At least once a week and maybe even twice.

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