actually fairly productive

It turned out to be a pretty productive day, in the end. I got half the sub-plot written in, and another 12 or 13 pages on the manuscript will actually get it up to the page count it’s contracted for. That’d be nice, although I’m not so far off that it’s really critical. Should finish tomorrow.

Oh! Seattle people! What kind of neighborhood is Ballard these days? Still industrial or has it poshed up?

I continue to be a great big dork and every time I read about election stuff and Obama and hope, I get sniffly. These two articles are my current sniffle-fest. I share my dorkiness with all of you. :)

ytd wordcount: 346,500
miles to Isengard: 477

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  1. ballard has poshed up a bit. It’s still super norweigan (sp?), and there is still the industrial area in the south ish area by the canal, but downtown ballard region (just west of the old dennys, which is gone now) is kinda happening, with hipsters, and bars, and a cupcake royal, and one of the best movie theatres in seattle. want more details, email me and I can fill you in.

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