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    browser help

    My mom’s browser (latest Ubuntu Firefox; I checked) has mysteriously disappeared the images on amazon.co.uk. Now, everything I’ve found for troubleshooting this tells you to go to Firefox -> (Tools)Options -> Options -> Content -> something to the effect of “display images on sites”; I cannot currently actually find the instructions, but it’s not actually relevant because:

    The current version of Firefox, and this is true on every platform I’ve tried it on, does not *have* something to the effect of “display images”, although I certainly remember older versions having it. So we have been unable to get her pictures back because the browser apparently no longer gives us the option to click on, and I’m at a total loss as to how to proceed.

    Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? It’s pretty annoying, and it seems ridiculous that it can’t be sorted out. Help, help!

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    i cannot brain, i has teh dum

    There’s a…like a center of gravity. A vortex, but that’s not the word. Not counterweight, either. Where you’re the person or thing which causes other things to be drawn to it, so change can be affected. There’s a word for that.

    I will send a copy of THE PRETENDER’S CROWN to whoever can come up with the word I’m looking for. *Argh*. *shakes brain in frustration*

    eta: I think got closest to what I’m after first, with ‘fulcrum’. A fulcrum point from which everything else swings. I think that’s … generally it. Man. Words are hard!

    eta, again: “Nexus” is the word I was actually looking for, and I think Ruth suggested it first, so email me your address and I’ll send you a copy of PRETENDER’S CROWN. :)

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    Seattlites: A research question!

    Seattle people:

    Is it possible to go to the SkyCity restaurant in the Space Needle without buying the touristy elevator ride ticket to get up there? I have no idea if there’s a restaurant-only elevator…

    I thank you in advance for your wisdom, O Internet. :)

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    actually fairly productive

    It turned out to be a pretty productive day, in the end. I got half the sub-plot written in, and another 12 or 13 pages on the manuscript will actually get it up to the page count it’s contracted for. That’d be nice, although I’m not so far off that it’s really critical. Should finish tomorrow.

    Oh! Seattle people! What kind of neighborhood is Ballard these days? Still industrial or has it poshed up?

    I continue to be a great big dork and every time I read about election stuff and Obama and hope, I get sniffly. These two articles are my current sniffle-fest. I share my dorkiness with all of you. :)

    ytd wordcount: 346,500
    miles to Isengard: 477

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    drive-by update

    I started exercising about ten days ago. Ted has lost three pounds. *squinchy face* He said to me, “Keep up whatever you’re doing!” :) *laughs* *Men*. :)

    Uh. Research questions: what’s the Italian for sorrow? Is “prime” the Latin plural of “primus”, and is it too mortally offensive to essentially Anglicize that and turn it into “primes” for a multitude of firsts, because I suspect most readers are probably unlikely to actually go from “Primus” as a singular to “Prime” as a plural? Uhm. I probably have other questions too, but those two are the ones that’ve leapt to mind just now.

    I have been meaning for *weeks* to mention, with delight, that the P-Con Match It For Pratchett donation box brought in $220. I wanted to say thank you to everybody who dropped a couple euro into the pot. You guys are awesome.

    Back on my head.

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