an awesome day

This has been a completely awesome day.

I got up around 8 and got 500 words written, which isn’t, y’know, earth-shattering, but it’s better than 0 words written, and I ought to be able to slodge my way through the rest of this chapter tomorrow morning. I think. Anyway, the point is I got some writing done, which, given how much else I did today, is quite amazing.

We did our weekly shopping, only Fred Meyer didn’t have any good sports bras and my last one exploded, so I needed another. We went to Sports Authority where they had the right kind of (v. expensive, curse them) bras, and I bought two, and we bought a yoga mat and a yoga DVD. I’m going to dig out my Yoga For Weenies tape and do it for a couple of weeks and then try some of the stuff on the DVD that says it’s basic stuff. Yup.

Um! So armed with all our shopping stuff we went home for a couple minutes and Ted couldn’t find his kerchief for his class tomorrow, so we went back out to see if we could find one. We couldn’t. We hit Habitat and I did find some kitchen cannisters I liked quite a lot, but they didn’t have the color I wanted and they said it would take FOUR MONTHS to do a special order. Thafu? I thought that was unacceptable and didn’t order any. Oh, and we had lunch at Bear Tooth, and that was pretty good.

Uh. Right, and then we talked about going to the gym and the convienently close location of the Alaska Club and whether or not we thought we’d actually go to it if we bought a membership, and Ted said he would go if I reminded him that he said he would go, and that he wouldn’t be grumpy if I told him to go, and I *really* want to be able to go to the gym at a regular time, and the Alaska Club is 5 minutes instead of 15 away and right, so we ended up buying a membership there. So I *must* go to the gym several days a week now. I’m still gonna go to the university to walk (and to swim, if it moves me) a couple nights a week, because I really don’t like using treadmills and there’s nowhere to walk at the Alaska Club. So. That’s my plan.

We went home to let the poor puppy out, and then I went back to the gym and actually worked out. Go me! 4 more times this week, that’s the goal!

Then we went out to dinner, ’cause Ted’d earned a bit of money by doing some work on a friend’s computer. We went to TGI Friday’s where we ate Entirely Too Much (I’ve been eating too much all weekend, sort of with a deliberate and malicious intent, and then we went to Peter Pan, which was *WOW* magnificent! Wow wow *wow*! I might have to go see that again! It was really *wonderful*. The kid who played Peter, my God, wow. And Wendy was wonderful, and Hook was wonderful, and you all must go see it right now if you haven’t already. :)

And on the way home Ted mentioned that the friend whose computer he’d worked on had come up with a title for the third book in the Angles trilogy, and my *God*, yes, she did. It’ll be called A WITCH IN THE FOREST and it will be *absolutely perfect* to end the trilogy. I know what’s happening with the trilogy as a whole now and *yeah*. *Yeah*! It’s so perfect I got all emotional and giddy in the car. *God* I love my job! *helpless, happy laughter*

So that was the day! It was a truly excellent day, and now I’m going to take my tired, tired self off to bed!

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