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an unlikely knitting conviction

I apparently have some kind of conviction that I’m going to knit something, because I keep stopping and staring avariciously at yarn. I don’t knit. I mean, I knitted something once. A scarf. It turned out well! But…I don’t knit.

Despite that, today I came across this really pretty inexpensive dark blue sparkly yarn and…folded. I bought four skeins and two of black sparkly yarn and I have vague thoughts of a matching hat and scarf. And then since I was on the road to hell anyway I got some chunky red yarn to make a scarf for Indy, who immediately suggested we get some blue, too, and I could make a STRIPED scarf. *laughs* I said I wasn’t that good a knitter and maybe we could try that later, a suggestion to which he was amenable. :)


I got needles of appropriate size for the yarns and since the whole essentially incomprehensible purchase ran €11.50, I feel that I can probably afford the bonkersness of it. Especially if I actually knit something.

So the first thing I need to do is learn to cast on. Easy peasy. :)


  • Lisa

    Unlurking to say “You can do it!!”

    Also to say that that as a knitter I highly recommend that once you’re comfortable with with some of the basics from youtube and you know that this is something you want to continue, track down your local yarn store (LYS in knitter lingo) and talk to them about taking a basic knitting class, explain what you know how to do already and tell them what you want to learn. Youtube can teach a multitude of skills, but nothing can beat being able to talk one on one with somebody and have them critique your work.

    There is also an amazing website called Ravelry (www.ravelry.com). It is one of the best, if not best, online fibre arts community. It’s a combination of a pattern/yarn database and online community with forums (called groups) covering everything from “Help Me Please” to “I Love Doctor Who Too, Let’s Talk”. You do have to sign up in order to see the magic, but it is 100% free and they do not spam you via email or noxious malware masquerading as ads.

  • Sheena

    Oh the temptation of Yarn. I have to fight the urge to get more each time I pass a sale.
    I do knit but not all that well. I basically make the same blanket over and over again. For simple intro videos and ideas you can also try the Knitting help website (www.knittinghelp.com).

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