and once more…

And once more I have delved into the weird mental state where reading is harder than writing. I stood in front of my 100+ book To Be Read shelves and stared for a while, and then I went back to Little and wrote another 1500 words because it was easier, much, *much* easier, than trying to commit myself psychologically to the reading process.

When I needed a break I got up and wandered around and stared at the books some more and thought something to the effect of, shit, am I going to have to write *more*? But I have written nearly 3800 words today, and just under 10K this week, and I had earned my two hours of Highlander, so I watched the first two episodes of season 2 instead of writing any more. The second episode is Studies in Light, which is probably my favorite Highlander episode that doesn’t have Methos in it. So that was good.

But now it’s 3pm, there’s nobody home but me, there’s nothing else to do, and I can’t stand the idea of trying to start reading a book. If Sarah doesn’t wake up online soon, I might have to write more. o.O

ytd wordcount: 92,100

4 thoughts on “and once more…

  1. I’m in that state right now too, where I look at my TBR pile and cringe. I finally got a novel that I’ve been wanting to read for months, but I can’t sit down and read it. So I turn around and go back to EDITING, of all things!

    However, I do have a few volumes of manga I’ve been reading and that’s been enough to tide me over. What a sad state of affairs.

  2. Yeah. I sat there and thought about starting edits on THUNDERBIRD FALLS, which seemed like more fun/easier than reading, too, but I don’t want to look at it until April because it’s easier to edit stuff you haven’t looked at in a while. More effective, anyway. It’s awful. :)

  3. I am a baaaaaaaad me. I din’t wake up and now you’re gaaaaaaaaming.

    But I called, predictably. Ha!


  4. Probably the sign of a good writer. I think I was gushing online about Fernando Pessoa ( for instance) the other day and how amazing his writing is. He also claimed to be writing because reading new books was so tediuos in comparison.

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