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So I have this art project in mind. I don’t know how it struck me, it just did. To do a ‘women of the zodiac’ series of drawings. I asked my friend Ellen who runs Ellen Million Graphics if the idea might be something that would appeal to her for EMG, and asked her to jump up and down on my head and demand drawings on a monthly basis. She agreed to. :)

I’m not–ok, see, here’s the problem with me and art: I’m good enough, skilled enough, to occasionally turn out things that are really nice. I’m good enough for other people to call me a good artist, but I haven’t got anything like the consistency that would make /me/ comfortable with being called a good artist. Nor do I have enough drive, as an artist, to pursue it and become that good. I /want/ to be that good, but what I’d really like is to wake up that good, rather than practice and practice. It’s not even that I really object to practicing. It’s just that I find other things to do. So I set goals for myself which I then don’t actually fulfill, and that’s annoying. Therefore, having someone else expecting a stage of the project is good, because that way I have a deadline. I’m much more likely to accomplish things on a deadline. :) It’s possible that I won’t turn out to be able to produce 12 drawings of sufficient consistency that they’ll be okay for EMG, but y’know, even if I’m not good enough to do that, it’d be pretty cool to at least get the project done.

There are half a dozen very, very, very rough drafts at zodiac. I think my first step will be to complete the very, very, very rough drafts for the other half dozen, so I at least have a vague idea of where I’m working from. My thought right now is to create very stylized wimmins, and do bold inking on them, but … I have no idea what’ll end up happening. :) I have a framework in mind, and an idea *maybe* for backgrounds for the women… well. We’ll see. Anyway, so that’s one of my things that I want to make time to work on over the next, er, year. (I have to finish the whole set for Ellen, see, before she’ll contract them, which is v. wise on her part.)

But hey, I should be pretty good at the tin whistle by the time I’m done with the Zodiac series! :)

12 thoughts on “artistic project

  1. the lettering on the sketch for aquarius.jpg says virgo.

    i like the sportiness of the aries (sort of a jackie joyner kersey look), sagitarius, and pisces.

    but i think Libra’s got the best attitude…. :)

  2. I got Virgo and Aquarius mixed up, when I was doing the sketches. I was thinking that Virgo had the water jug, but it’s Aquarius. So the name written on the drawing is wrong.

    …I got the basic pose for Aries from a JJK photo, in fact. Scary.

    So far I like about four of them best. :)

  3. I think they are really nice. There is a lot of good action to them. My advice is get the sketches to where you want them and then go line by line, drink lots of water, and not stress out about them! Tracing paper helps too. :) Now get the cancer and leo ones done as those are my signs. ;)

  4. That depends on many things, like whether I finish them, and how Ellen wants to present them once they’re done. And *that* will probably depend on what the end product looks like — right now my idea is still to do something very stylized, but frequently when I get into inking things I go more and more towards realism. So I donno yet.

    The problem is that I can think of at least three distinctly different ways to approach the whole project. Very stylized with as few lines as possible is a nice thought, or very realistic, or… I had a third idea, I did, but it’s gone now. :)

  5. I want Taurus. ;)

    And, your description about your attitude towards art is like mine is towards writing. I was amused to see you, a writer, echoing my opinion about another art form. :)

  6. *laugh* When I’ve got them all done I might sell the originals, if people want them. If they’re good enough. But it’s going to be a while. :)

    *more laughing* Art is just art, I guess. Maybe we all kind of see it the same way. :)

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