babby pictures

More babby pictures. I’m hungry, so I suppose that means I ought to go eat an apple.

Poor Ted is sick and staying home. He has the awful cold I had last month, and he sounds like a bullfrog. It’s kind of impressive.

3 thoughts on “babby pictures

  1. Catie, wonderous Catie. I’m in awe at all the words that spill out of you and how amusing many of them are. Then I remember two things. First, many, many words have always spilled out of you. Second, you type faster than anyone else can talk and you type at 4 times the speed that George W. thinks.

  2. A quadriplegic could type at least 2 times faster than George W. thinks.

    Yay! yay for apple diets! It seems to work, too. I didn’t eat as much junk as I probably otherwise would have, today. I still ate more than I really /wanted/, but that’s because my brain is foolish, not because my tummy wasn’t full. Bad brain! Bad!

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