All right. I thought I might get more writing done today, but I’m not going to, so I’ll put down the day’s total at 2200 words and call it good.

Ted and I went and spent some of his overtime money today. We bought a DVD/VCR combo because our VCR is failing and, er, we thought it would be nifty. O.O And Ted got a new computer game. Then we went and looked at guitars, but I have to give my guitar teacher a call and see if the kind they have in right now is okay to buy instead of the Yamaha he suggested originally.

We also dropped by my parents’ house to lend my Mom some books. Aaand tonight I’m going to go see West High’s production of Les Miz with my Dad.

ytd wordcount: 122,450

2 thoughts on “bah.

  1. It must be the year for Les Miz, because Holy Cross High School right down the street from me is doing Les Miz this year. :)

  2. I have a theory (that it’s a demon! er, no.) that they’ve just released Les Miz in a school-ok and probably cheaper-to-pay-to-produce version, because it seems like a /lot/ of schools are doing it this year and nobody’s ever done it before that I’m aware of. :)

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