I just had a wonderful conversation with Jessica Wulf, the contest coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers, whom I called to tell that I’d sold my first book(s!) and who just glowed with happiness even over the phone. She’s a really *wonderful* woman, and it keeps stunning me to think, “Next year I won’t be able to submit to that contest!” When I went to the RMFW conference last year, the last thing she said to me, on the way out, was, “I hope you won’t be able to enter the contest next year!” And, well, *this* year I was able to, and I’m glad, because I won and because my manuscript is at Tor now (and now my AGENT is going to CHECK UP ON IT), but that I won’t be able to next year just blows me away and makes me amazingly happy–and it made Jessie happy, too!

I would like very much indeed to sell ANGLES to Tor. That’d be a great success story for the RMFW, and I’d love to be able to deliver that news to Jessie. :) :) :)

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  1. Bwahahaha!!!oneoneone

    I found your web site. Yegads! Glad to hear your writing career continues to move forward. :) And now I know what you had for lunch a week ago! TMI!!!


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