big career change!

I’ve alluded to this but not spoken much about it: early this year, my agency and I parted ways over what amounts to a disgreement about the direction of my career. It’s a little nerve-wracking to split with an agent of ten years (hence my reluctance to talk about it much!), but in last month the rest of my life slowed down enough that I was able to finally focus on getting a new agent.

And I am now delighted to announce that henceforth, I will be a client of Ethan Ellenberg of the Ethan Ellenberg Agency, who represents other such noteworthy authors as John Scalzi, Karen Miller, and Rebecca York!

I’m pretty excited about this: the EELA represents all the things I want to do, from picture books to mystery novels, with everything else in between. They’re even comfortable with me running more Kickstarters*, and have game plans in place for the things I’ve been working on recently. So I’m really looking forward to working with them, and shall pop with excitement when we get our first sale for me to report back to y’all. :)


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