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Let’s see. :)

Went to my RWA meeting last night, which was lots of fun. It was Lani’s last meeting, snif. She’s moving to New York. Wah! So we had a potluck and talked about what was going on with all of us as writers and ate a lot and generally had a very fine time. I made bbq meatballs and brownies. Poor Trac…ey (I think that’s how she spells it) gave up chocolate for Lent, so she was gazing soulfully at the brownies and thinking, “It’s not *really* chocolate. I mean, it’s not like *candy*. It’s not *really* chocolate…” But she was strong, and didn’t have any. I promised I’d make brownies for her after Easter. :) Maybe I’ll bring some to the next meeting!

Which I’m going to be teaching HTML at. Just a very basic course, nothing exciting or weird like CSS, just very basic HTML. Everybody’ll have a laptop, and we’ll build our pages offline. It’ll be cool. :) I have to finish up my MKP portfolio because there might even be people who want me to build/redesign their websites for them. Oot oot!

Ummmmm! I got up at 5 to 6 this morning and wisely didn’t go back to bed after going to the bathroom, so I got 1700 words written. Well, 1673, but close enough. I’m considering going back and doing some rewrites on the book over the next several days. Trying to figure out how to do that and maintain forward motion at the same time.

Chiro appt. this afternoon, which will hopefully take care of my stupid achy back. Stupid stupid back. :P

ytd wordcount: 112,900

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  1. O.O

    I expect my wordcount will plummet drastically in another month, which is part of why I’m trying so hard to get a lot written *now*. It’s getting LIGHT out. o.o

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