Evidently I need to tell myself every evening that ‘tomorrow I will listen to my body’, because my alarm went off at 5:30, I woke right up, decided to stay in bed another 10 minutes, was confused and tired at 6 when Ted got up, and proceeded to have another 60 minutes of weird but horrible dreams.

My first dream was that I was on a very huge rock that doesn’t exist out at the edge of the inlet. It was slanted at about a 40 degree angle and I was lying upside-down on it and afraid I was going to fall off. Then it turned into a dream where Ted was trying to seduce me but paused in the beginning of it to tell me my hair looked childish, which I reasonably took offense to. Furthermore, I kept falling asleep during this sequence (made obvious because I would periodically snore, and I was semi-lucid and could hear the snoring so it really threw me off). Shortly after that, I was at what was apparently my parents’ wedding (my parents were their current age and, so far as I could tell, had been married all along, but dreams don’t bother with that sort of detail), which was being arranged by Laura-whose-wedding-I-went-to-in-September’s *friends*, none of whom knew my parents and many, many of whom didn’t know me. The wedding was to be held on a beach. No one knew where the guy who was supposed to be performing the ceremony was. My mother was getting increasingly crabby.

At that point I got up, in self-defense.


  1. The Papa

    No, that’s really the way it happened. We were really old and everything and on this beach and this guy who we didn’t know was supposed to come and perform the ceremony and your mother was getting a tad crabby and you woke up! That’t the way it happened! IT DID TOO!

  2. the little sis

    hmm, i’ve been having weird dreams too. only mine keep involving me stealing something and feeling overwhelmingly guilty, and then later breaking my parole (and getting caught doing so). not at all like your weird dreams, i guess. :)

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