borking my websites

So apparently for the new year I’ve decided to bork my websites.

Not a great plan, overall, IMHO, but here we are. And, well, okay, I didn’t actually bork this one; I updated it, and think I’m vaguely happy with the look and feel for the moment, but I mean, god knows. Anyway, it’s the professional site that’s currently broken, and not even in a way that makes it unusable, just a way that is…utterly baffling. It might be due to having updated the PHP. It might…not be. I don’t know. I’ve asked for help, because whatever’s going on, I’ve done everything I can think to fix it without success.

My actual PLAN for the day was to do a bit of tidying on the site and then try to get started writing something, particularly since last night I actually…got started writing something. I’ve got some chapters I cut from a book that I’ve been thinking I might be able to make into a novella, and started mucking about with it a bit, and thought maybe I’d do a bit more today, sort of as a taster for getting into writing in the new year, but, WELP. That didn’t work, did it.

So now I’m going to go eat dinner and wait to see if anybody tells me what I did wrong on the stupid site. I hope so, because otherwise I’m likely to spend way too much of tomorrow trying to fix it too. :P

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