business cards

Inspired partly by the conference this weekend, where it was clear having business cards would’ve been useful, and partly by my brother-in-law Gavin’s grandfather, who introduces himself as John T. Mendel, Famous Scientist, I have created a business card for myself.


6 thoughts on “business cards

  1. An altogether wonderful business card…but should it say “famous author”?

  2. I like writer, just because people ask ‘who are your favorite writers’, more than ‘who are your favorite authors’.

    Though I guess they ask both.

    I donno! I like famous writer.


  3. I’m not awake yet, so I commented on this in LJ instead =) Nice card, and I sort of like writer better than author. (Though maybe you can upgrade to author once the first royalties come in — or whatever it’s called when you first get money for writing a book. Wasn’t there some debate recently about the definition of author being somebody who was paid for their writing?)

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