busy busy

First, I had better say go vote for The Last Days of Ancient Sunlight before Swan River Press totally kicks my ass. :)

Second, I, who can go years without a business call, had TWO today. One was with my editor for revisions on SHAMAN RISES (which she really likes except the one part that totally doesn’t work, and which I cannot give to my brainstorming filter because I’m not bloody spoiling the last book after this long! We think we have it sorted now, but we’ll see.) and the other was with [redacted] which you will think is very very cool when I can announce it. :)

Matrice had a good laugh at me when she asked what I’d been working on lately and I wailed (truthfully), “NOTHING! The only thing I’ve written this year is SHAMAN RISES! I’m going craaaaaaaaazy!”

“So only 100K in six months, then,” she said, and burst out laughing. I started to protest and she laughed even harder. :)

Then I made cherry jam, which is trivially easy with a cherry pitter and a food processor. And some stirring. :)

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