Busy busy day!

Busy busy day today!

I vacuumed and did laundry and got conditioner that I hope won’t make me break out and had a bookstore accident (does it count as a bookstore accident if it’s on a gift certificate?) and read a book and watched 2 episodes of Highlander AND cooked dinner AND wrote 1100 words AND went to the post office (although we left there again without sending anything because the line was 45 minutes long) AND went and brought the Goodtree print in for framing and it’s going to be goooooooorrrrrrrrgeous and I can’t *wait* to get the Winny/Tyldak print because it’ll be all dark and lush next to the all pale and cool Goodtree and it’ll be goooooooorrrrrrrrgeous!

Bookstore accident: I got the Green Knowe books at Waldenbooks! All five of them! I don’t like the new covers as well as the covers that I had on the books when I had them as a kid, but I don’t know what happened to those, so I can live with the less cool covers because I HAVE THE GREEN KNOWE BOOKS! *DANCIE DANCIE DANCE*! I read the first one tonight and it was still pretty darned wonderful. *beam*

I also got Liralel, or I think that’s the name, anyway, by Garth Nix. The sequel to Sabriel. And another YA fantasy novel which I’d never heard of but er I liked the cover. :)

And Ted got Naomi K*mumbles*’s Fires of the Faithful and whatever the sequel to it is, and um. And I made dinner! (Sorry, this is something of an accomplishment for me, actually cooking. I actually fried chicken. The mind, she boggles.)

I’m a little spazzy. Or sort of — I can’t tell if I’m very tired and hyper or if I’m just very bouncy because I actually EXERCISED today and did I mention that I wrote? I wrote. And my characters had SEX. In chapter TWO. This is NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR FOR MY CHARACTERS.

Well, actually, apparently it’s normal behavior for these ones, but still. I’m all taken aback.

I’m a bit babbly tonight, aren’t I?

5 thoughts on “Busy busy day!

  1. Weird coincidence! The parent gave me an audio book of Children of Green Knowe for Christmas.

  2. Tell me how you liked Lirael. I really like these novels by Nix as well… and also bought them because of the covers. *meep*

    I really liked it a lot – but another friend didn’t like it at all. I want to see what you think because anyone else I’ve met up with who have read them are in their teens… and I think there is a sliiiiight reader’s gap when I speak to them!

  3. Well, I really enjoyed Sabriel! I’ll let you know what I think of Lirael, when I get around to reading it. :)

  4. Well, I’m not a teenager either (gods forfend I should ever revisit those days) and I quite liked both Sabriel and Lirael….

    I think YA fantasy novels get a bad rap…Some of my favorite books are technically YA…Madeleine L’Engle’s Wrinkle in Time books, the Phillip Pullman books (spec. Amber Spyglass trilogy, but also his other work)…..Some very excellent fantasy novels got pushed into that category and consequently get overlooked….

    I also like the fact that often (not always, witness Harry Potter), YA novels tend to be more spare in their writing, unlike oh…say….Robert Jordan…..David Eddings….Mind you I quite enjoy a long story, too, but…..

  5. Kritzer! ^_^ I’ve got the sequel to Fires of the Faithful on order from Amazon, but it’s taking longer to get here while they track down the Tolkien artbook I want. Bah!

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