busy day

Busy day today. Didn’t get up til late, and Ted made pancakes for breakfast, and then there was _all_ the housecleaning. Enough to make me very grumpy. We unloaded the Christmas tree and the boys took it down and I vacuumed and Shaun cleaned the kitchen about three times and Ted and I took turns cleaning off the kitchen counter which had been eaten up by Junk, and then he finished that, and I did 3453458907 loads of laundry and straightened up the *frelling* mess on the entertainment center and while we were cleaning we found 5 different pieces of rawhide bones, so I put several pieces up in the cupboard where we keep those sorts of things and hopefully Chanti will *finish* the pieces she’s got left before she gets more, and we threw away several bags of garbage and Ted and Shaun moved a bunch of stuff from the garage into the crawlspace and I *finally* sat down to write, got about 12 words written, and Mom and Dad arrived for dinner. Chanti got very excited and danced around on my toes while I tried to save what I’d written, and I got very grumpy, but things smoothed after a few more minutes and we had a very nice evening and a very nice dinner which involved pork roast and cherry pie. Yum!

Then I did more laundry and sat back down to write and got 1400 words written over the course of a couple hours, and so I am relatively satisfied.


  • mary anne

    sounds like you guys got bit with the same cleaning/organizing/destuffifying bug that’s been nibbling at me lately……Then again, I like starting the year off with a clean slate/clean house….
    Sort of ritualistic, almost……

  • kit

    We’ve been trying to get the place clean for what seems like weeks. Christmas and holidays kept just sort of piling up. But it’s MUCH better now, thank heavens. :) It is kinda ritualistic, though, isn’t it?

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