busy morning

I’m sure you’ll all be very startled to hear that it’s been a busy morning. :) I got up about a quarter to nine (laaaaazzzzzzzyyyyyyy meee) and made a birthday cake which smells SO GOOD! and um. Oh, cleaned the kitchen after that. It needed it. And I showered in there, too. Between making the cake and cleaning, I mean, not in the kitchen. I didn’t shower in the kitchen.

Went to dinner with Mom & Dad last night, then came home and watched an episode of Stargate I hadn’t seen and a couple episodes of Highlander. And finished reading a couple of books. Yay!

Starving. Going to eat now.

2 thoughts on “busy morning

  1. Okay, am I confused or are you guys celebrating a day early? I have Ted’s birthday listed in my organizer as the 20th……Confused is the most likely option, but….
    btw, catie, I don’t know that I have your current phone #…could you send it to me via email?

  2. We’re celebrating a day early, since tomorrow’s a work day and Ted wanted to make his lasagna. :)

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