busy sunday

Sunday was busy too.

I got up at 9, after lying around for quite a while and finally being no longer able to stay in bed. I had hopes Ted would get up soon and make waffles, so instead of eating breakfast, I made bread, cookies, and worked on Angles. Eventually Ted got up and did not want to make waffles, so I had a bowl of cereal to supplement the two cookies I’d already eaten, hung out online a bit, had some more cookies, and went biking.

23.3 miles is too far to bike on a bowl of cereal and four cookies.

I got back from biking (complete with a small sunburn, wah) and we went to dinner, where I ate a very great deal. More than necessary. But it was really good and I was really hungry.

Then we came home, watched the rest of season 4 Angel, which I was ENTIRELY satisfied with as a season, and Ted and Shaun took apart the dog run we’ve had in our back yard since October, and our back yard now looks both larger and cleaner. Yay them! Now we need to get more dirt to fill in the rest of the holes Chanti dug, and try to re-grass the dead grass areas, and … yeah. Is good.

Thinks to do today:

1. walk the dog
2. go biking
3. clean the kitchen
4. work on Angles
5. clean my desk
6. start putting software on new computer

3 thoughts on “busy sunday

  1. You got *another* computer?!? I thought the technology shrine was quite large enough as it was!

  2. My work gave me Photoshop 7 (I get to start doing site design, yay!) and my old computer hasn’t got the processing chops to handle it. We’re giving the old computer to my Mom, since it’s still a perfectly /good/ computer, it just doesn’t have enough memory to run PS and all my other applications without crashing. So it’s a give and take for the technology shrine. :)

  3. That makes more sense. If not, your office will start looking even MORE like the lair of an evil genius mad scientist from a B sci-fi movie than it already does. And I say that in the most positive way possible. :)

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