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(written 11/23/05) Argh. Writing is hard. Let’s go shopping.

Here I am, blithely rewriting, cutting scenes and rewriting them, sometimes fairly significantly. And I whacked the end of this one scene all up, because the relationship has changed, and then I went charging along, rewrite revise cut change whack whack whack OH CRAP DROPPED AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION WITH THAT SCENE CUT NEED TO ADD ALL THIS STUFF BACK IN SOMEWHERE *NEW* ACK ACK MORE REWRITING ADDING REVISING ARGH!

And the chapter is seventeen pages long and I haven’t even written in the stuff I just realized I needed to. There’s more cutting to be done in the next few pages, but argh!

(written 11/24/05) HAH!

I just figured out what Chelsea is.


*kicks feet wildly*! AHAHAHAHA!

No. I’m not telling you.

Neener neener.

*smug* **violently* smug!*

5 thoughts on “catching up posts

  1. I’m eyeing the smugness warily. That said, this post rather neatly sums up what writing looks like from the outside.

  2. Because I’m totally lame I’ve been rather busy the past several months, I’m just now getting around to reading Urban Shaman. So far, it’s delicious, and yes, as an atheist, I’d invite God in for breakfast.

  3. Oooh! **whispering** Just finished Heart Quest, very much late, don’t tell! Sent out to first readers, but I gotta lay some clues in to the mystery…

    And when *I* was editing, I did a document compare and my d**n text showed up twice in a very important chapter — the climax! Eeeeeeek!

    Chelsea, let me guess. She’s a fey-coo-cu! Rolling and laughing!

  4. Oh, btw, Happy Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving (and not because of getting together with my family), I just think it’s a very cool holiday…

    AND I think that when you all get your B&B going, you should have a special Thanksgiving dinner or package…I bet it would sell!

    I liked your reddish haircolor, think I’ll do that myself…of course my Gma was a redhead (and had a Redhead — family name) in her family.


  5. *laughs helplessly at Robin* Yeah! That’s probably it! She’s a fey-cu-coo! *laughs and laughs*

    *beams at Tay* Glad you’ve gotten a chance to start reading it, and that you’re enjoying it!

    *giggles at Deborah* Uhm. Erm. O.O :)

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