Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy


I am making people cry with MOUNTAIN ECHOES. Triumph! :) People have asked, so let me say it here: the audio version will probably be out on March 1, which is the official release date. Similarly with any e-book versions you cannot currently find; they may not be out until March 1. I have absolutely no control over this, and hope you are able to find the format of your choice soon. :) The NO DOMINION sale continues through March 1, MOUNTAIN’s official release date. Get it in print or…

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The 140 Character Cookbook

The other day over on Twitter, Ilona Andrews said she’d bought churizo because she’d seen a recipe she wanted to try that called for it, but now she couldn’t find the recipe so what was she supposed to do with the churizo? I said, “Sautee it in a pan. Throw in chick peas & sautee in chorizo oil until soft. Mix sour cream over it. Eat with pita. Die happy,” which she did. Without actually dying, I should note. But OMG. It’s a recipe Ted invented a few weeks ago,…

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lemon curd!

I was thwarted yesterday. First the buses were badly timed/already buggified, so we ended up not going out to the farmer’s market, where I’d intended to get lemon curd from the award-winning lady who makes it. But we went downtown instead. Rats. But then! I got to go out to the market later! Hoorah! Except the lemon curd lady wasn’t there. *despair* But! I had lemons. So today I made lemon curd. It’s only the second time I’ve made lemon curd. I’m not at all confident it’ll set up (because…

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the essential kit


Since, as my mother said, we couldn’t be in New Orleans last night, we had pancakes for dinner instead. Actually, Pancake Tuesday is a totally new-to-me concept since coming here. Or not *totally*, because when we lived in California with a British friend on hand, she would do pancakes on Fat Tuesday. But aside from that, totally new to me. Is it something people other places in America do or am I right in thinking of it is a European(British?) tradition? (I was making maple syrup for the pancakes, and…

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Chicken Stewp

I had a chicken carcass, and I thought making a big pot of chicken stewp sounded like a good idea. I was right. :) The recipe as follows: 1 roast chicken carcass, steamed & stripped all attendant juices & fat from both roasting & steaming (or chicken stock), up to 4 cups 1/3 c flour 1 c onion, chopped 1-2 c carrots, chopped 2 (or whatever) c chicken 1 tsp each of: – sage – garlic – basil – parsley – salt 1 c sweetcorn 3 c chopped potatoes 1…

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