Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy
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I am making people cry with MOUNTAIN ECHOES. Triumph! :)

People have asked, so let me say it here: the audio version will probably be out on March 1, which is the official release date. Similarly with any e-book versions you cannot currently find; they may not be out until March 1. I have absolutely no control over this, and hope you are able to find the format of your choice soon. :)

The NO DOMINION sale continues through March 1, MOUNTAIN’s official release date. Get it in print or for your Kindle at Amazon, or at B&N for your Nook! (If you have another e-device and need a DRM-free epub, email me.)

In other news, it’s clear my readers and particularly my long-time friends are just as bonkers as I am. I believe we now have a beekeeper, a goatherd (and a massage therapist!), and a textiles-and-soap-maker for our North Road homestead. :)

I made up some more of the honey-lemon-ginger tisane for my sister, who is suffering from terrible laryngitis (because she has a performance tomorrow evening, augh). But I had just recieved my new zester, so I zested the lemons first and holy crap, guys, not to sound like a commercial, but if you ever think you’re going to zest anything in your entire life, you need one of these. It may be the most useful kitchen gadget I’ve ever purchased. It makes me want to go zest a thousand lemons! Well. Maybe another eight or so, which would probably fill up my little tub I’m using for homemade lemon zest. :)

Fortunately (?) I’ll have to do some more soon, because my lemon curd really isn’t all that good. I mean, it’s fine for putting in something, but lemon curd ought to be barely impossible to resist eating straight, and *pucker face*. You don’t want to eat this stuff straight.

*plots more things to do with lemons*


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