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Yesterday I got email from my friend Duane at the University Bookstore, who said, among other things, that his most recent order for URBAN SHAMAN had been cancelled by the distributor, because the book was out of print.

Naturally, I said, “!” and dashed off to the Best Agent Ever, said, “!”, and sent her forth to find out more about these words. She just got back to me.

There are about a thousand copies left on the shelves of major bookstores like B&N and Borders. The Harlequin warehouse is empty. They’re reprinting in preparation for THUNDERBIRD FALLS’ release.

Holy cow!


  1. Kaelle

    Wow, congratulations. I love URBAN SHAMAN, which I have, and the short in the collection. I can hardly wait for THUNDERBIRD FALLS.

    And the other fantasy stories sound good, too. My only complaint, as usual for all my favorite authors – lol, is that it takes so long to get to read these books.

    (delurking – I got acquainted with you on Forward Motion and followed you to your blog.)

  2. Lianne

    Fantastic! And this is why I subscribed to the Luna line (to avoid running into out-of-stock issues). A cool fantasy novel in my mailbox every month…

    Mind you, there was the one hiccup in my copy of the second Sarah Zettel book, where in the middle there was a 32-page section where the 32 pages were from The. Wrong. Book. (the local bookstore was more than willing to exchange, even though I didn’t get it from them, since it was a definite defect and they could return it for credit)

  3. Awesome! As a fan, I can say I’m all in favor of running out of a printing. Because that means people are buying the books, which means the publishers will want to pay you to write more books to sell to people, which means I get to buy them and, best part, read more good books.

    We all win!

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