Columbia editorial cartoons

Via Lithera, some editorial cartoons about Columbia. Don’t click through if you’re at work, don’t like crying in public and are prone to tears about the shuttle. There are many that are thematically similar. There are many that made me cry.

thinks to do today:

1. write 1700-3000 words
2. swim
3. clean the kitty litter
4. bake some bread
5. there is no #5

Oh yeah. And I cancelled my guitar lessons until further notice.

6. call the guitar people and see if they do layaways

2 thoughts on “Columbia editorial cartoons

  1. You’re welcome. I’m glad to have been able to provide that for people.

    I think I’ll have to visit here quite often. You put Gambit quotes in you random quote generator up at the top. That makes me happy.

  2. Eheheh. Yes, I do. I’m delighted that one happened to come up when you came to the page. Ehehe. My friend Marith pointed me at your page because she noticed the Rogue icon, and she recognizes Rogue these days because I’m a flaming Rogue fantatic. *grin* I’ve really been enoying your blog. Aaah, the internet, helping us to find kindred spirits all over the world. :)

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