complete disaster.

THUNDERBIRD FALLS is a complete disaster. I’m 40K into it and I haven’t managed to successfully set up the main conflict. I have to go back and do a huge chunk of rewrites before I can go forward, because it’s just that bad.

Man. And last night I was just telling Dad how I’d seemed to have gotten past the “write a completely disasterous rough draft” stage as a writer. Hah.

12 thoughts on “complete disaster.

  1. ANGLES and HoS were simply distracting you so that THUNDERBIRD FALLS could sneak up and attach itself limpet-like to your ankles and cause you to trip.

  2. who are you people? I was looking at your Oct 27 entry re:memorial service and know several of the same people, but have no idea whose website this is, or how they know all my friends and ex-teachers.

  3. I’m one of Duncan’s friends. But I also know Chris Cook. And Burgener, and Pat. I never really knew Mr. Forbes, but grew up with Duncan. You might have known my sister, Eve, she was class of 92. Thanks for responding.

  4. And I was complaining mightily because I can’t get going on my NANOWRIMO novel because EVERYTHING I write is crrrap. I am relieved to know I face the same problems as my daughter the novelist.

    And how did Annie happen on Catie’s site?

  5. Indeed. My NaNoWriMo novel involves one-hundred ninja all doing completely ridiculous things….

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