Very confused this evening, because we went to dinner around 4:15 due to having eaten breakfast but no lunch, and it was getting dark by then anyway and by the time we got out of dinner at 5 it was entirely dark, and so my brain is quite certain it’s hours later than it actually is. I finished reading Year of the Griffin (which I liked *much* more than Dark Lord of Dirkholm) and it was *still* only just 7, and I’m all confuzzled.

Gymmed today. Walked, but the other quarter-mile stretch of the U wasn’t open and I couldn’t stand the idea of doing the smaller loop 6 times, so I only did 2 miles instead of 3. Still, is good to have walked. And I weight lifted and did crunches, and I’m going to have to figure out something to do for the next three weeks, basically, because the U is more or less closed. I wonder if any of the gyms around here let you join up on a monthly basis and don’t have an exorbitant initiation fee. Maybe I’ll try to find out tomorrow.

I’m thinking of trying to find a beginning/intermediate (or, well, advanced if there’s any available, but there don’t usually seem to be for adults) tap class next semester, and maybe a ballet class. Ballet sure is good for your legs. :)

Goal for the coming week: finish the rewrites on TB so that I can get going on finishing the book on the 18th when I go on vacation.

miles to Rivendell: 355


  1. yer mah

    You might have a look at Dance Spectrum. They offer
    tap, I think. You might also check UAA. A semester
    there is probably cheaper than a studio. I’m reasonably
    certain they have ballet, at least.
    Ballet’s good for more than just your legs. But
    you know that. :)

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