*contented sigh*

I haven’t been feeling all that well today (I think I ate too many things that weren’t good for me) and so I spent, well, since the last posting, reading Carol Berg’s SONG OF THE BEAST, which was really a tremendously good story, and very well written. I’m sort of sliding between reading more, watching some Highlander, or doing a little more writing (or maybe TQB editing) for the rest of the evening. Content, sleepy me.

2 thoughts on “*contented sigh*

  1. Being basically a lazy, non-writer type, your ability to discipline yourself to write amazes me. Even when you have the blah blaaaaaaaaahhhh blahs, you are able to write. Amazelink.

  2. Having somebody want to pay me to write is pretty useful for the whole dedication to the craft thing, I’m discovering. :) I honestly figure if I can’t sit down and spend an hour a day writing, at this point, that I really need to be reconsidering my priorities. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth out of molasses, or something, but at least I’m getting something done. :)

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