Crowdfund Project: Starshot!

A big ol’ galaxy. A whole load of aliens. One unlucky human, thrust into the middle of their war…

I’m running a crowdfund to do an 8 page comic book (unless we hit our next stretch goals, which might make it a 12 or 16 page comic book)!

Starshot is what happens when I want to write a space adventure like Farscape or Guardians of the Galaxy, and what happens when a friend points me at the AMAZING Katie Longua, whose bright, delightful style is exactly right for this all-ages comic!

We’ve just hit our THIRD stretch goal, which includes cover art prints for everybody who gets a physical copy of the comic, and now we’re aiming for the stars with a mega-goal of another €1000 for 4 more pages, or €2000 for EIGHT more pages of story!

Wanna meet the characters? OF COURSE YOU DO!

So this is what the script says, for the character design:

Beth is crouched on the floor, looking up at four very angry aliens: a MONSTER, a PLANT, an ANIMAL and a HUMANOID.

KLIC is obviously the kind of creature that would prefer to eat your face first and ask questions second. It hisses a lot.

Meet Klic! Klic thinks Klic is a Slytherin.
Klic is wrong.

MAG is a Quite Small plant-based life-form who could look as human as Zhaan or as plant-like as Groot, or anywhere in between. They have a very large club to hit you with.

Meet Mag! Mag thinks they’re a Hufflepuff.
They are wrong.

TRAFF is an exceptionally dashing creature: Disney’s Robin Hood, except not a fox. Girls want to date him. Men don’t understand why. He have a very large laser-shooting sword to slice you with.

Meet Traff! Traff thinks he’s a Gryffindor.
He is wrong.

XENDRA looks essentially human, perhaps with pointy ears and suspiciously excellent hair. And a very large gun to shoot you with.

Meet Xendra! Xendra thinks she’s a Slytherin.
Xendra…is correct.

aaaaaaaaaand finally, OUR HEROINE, BETH!

Meet Beth! Beth is the only one who would understand sorting the crew by Hogwarts houses, but she thinks she’s Han Solo.
She’s not wrong.

I’m really excited about this project, which is going to be GREAT FUN! Artist Katie Longua will be working on it in November, and we expect to deliver the print editions by March 2020! Come join the fun! #TheStarsAreOurs

The Starshot crowdfund campaign is here!


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