Curses! My immortal heritage has been found out! Chrisber showed me that this morning. I thought it was pretty funny. Aside from the eyebrows, it’s really a pretty darned good likeness. *giggle*

Oh my god. Daredevil kicked ass. Hulk is going to suck. But X2 is going to ROCK!!!! There was a new X2 trailer with the movie last night, and let me put it this way: what they’re doing with Rogue made me go, “YES!” and pump my fist and kick my feet and squirm with excitement and glee. *YEAH*!

Commentary for Daredevil, avoiding spoilers:

Better than I expected; the movie, overall, was better than I expected. Emotionally, it was a far superior film than Spider-Man, which had at least three Big Hairy Overdone Emotional Moments that just made me *cringe*. Also, unlike Spider-Man (which, don’t get me wrong, I loved), Daredevil wasn’t too *long*. At no point did I think, “God this is a long movie,” which happens all too often going to films these days.

Ben did a good job. He even either wore or permitted contacts/cgi to bleach color from his eyes, and they /did/ CGI them so they were offset a little, which I’d never seen an actor do. So kudos to him just for /that/. I also thought he simply did a very good job of playing a blind man. He didn’t use his eyes much to react to anything, and that’s cool. That’s *hard*.

I’d never seen Jennifer Garner in anything, and I sort of think she’s more interestingly-attractive than gorgeous, but she did a good job as Elektra. Just a shade of vulnerability there, which is perfect for the character. I’d go watch her in an Elektra film in a red-hot minute, sure.

The fight scenes: interestingly done. I thought the opening fight scene was too violent, and it’s my thought that the director was trying to create the visual equivilant of what Daredevil hears. When he’s fighting just one person, there’s much less cacophany than when he’s fighting several, and the editing style reflects that. Consquently some of the fights are a lot harder to follow than I’d like. On the other hand, they did some absolutely *beautiful* stuff with Daredevil’s radar hearing/vision. Absolutely *beautiful*.

Ted (who knows the Daredevil comics far better than I do) says they did the origin story exactly right. Maybe some tiny variations on the theme, but no more (perhaps less) than Spider-Man, and as far as I’m concerned, they did Spidey’s origin perfectly. Also, unlike Spider-Man, Daredevil’s origin story only took up about 15 minutes of screen time. He also says the relationships between the characters are extremely true to the comics. I could tell that the Elektra relationship was — that’s the only one I know anything about — and I’m darned pleased that the rest of them were, too, including the relationship with the Kingpin.

Michael Clarke Duncan was, of course, perfect, rumbling his way through the Kingpin role. I cannot imagine who else they could have cast as the Kingpin, and I’m *so* pleased they cast Duncan. It’s not a big part, because the Kingpin’s the mover and the shaker, not the man who does the dirty work himself, but none-the-less, he was very enjoyable.

Colin Farrell, whom people keep making a fuss over, was an excellent Bullseye, too. An interesting combination of wildly over the top and frighteningly in control. I thought he’d be stupid, but it worked, although if there was an unnecessary scene in the movie, it was probably one of the early Bullseye scenes. I know why they did it, and it was funny, and it showed us something about the character, but it probably wasn’t strictly necessary. Still, one scene out of the whole film isn’t bad.

Overall: I’d see it twice at full price (although hell, I’d see the X2 trailer /once/ at full price).

2 thoughts on “curses!

  1. I like Michael Clark Duncan because I find him incredibly sexy. That, and the fact that he was a construction worker who told his pals he was going to Hollywood to become and actor AND THEN HE DID. Hee.

  2. I like him for both those reasons, too. He’s a hero. :) And also, all his construction worker friends laughed at him and called him Bruce Willis, and so when he did Armeggedon with Bruce Willis, they went back to his old construction site and he got to introduce the *real* Bruce Willis to everybody. :) :) :)

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