darned good mood

I have a *very* lovey Lucy lap cat this morning. I wonder what’s up with her. :)

Gym class last night was good. This morning my biceps went *gnrgh*. :) The teacher, after showing me a proper way to do bicep curls, said I was strong. All I could think is, man, you’ve got a lot of weenie women in your classes, dude. I mean, I was only doing 15 pound curls. Although I did a 70 pound bench press, which impressed me! *laugh* And 7 miles on the bike, which was good.

Boy, it’s a gorgeous day out!

Dinner at Mom and Dad’s last night was lots of fun. I asked Mom if she’d been doing her Pilates, and she said no, and I said, “Are you going to do them tomorrow?” And she said, “What day is tomorrow?” I said, “Thursday.” She said, “No, I don’t do them on Thursdays.”

*laughs until my tummy hurts, again* I thought that was *terribly* funny!

Oh, gawd. I can feel my back muscles where I did the back extensions machine. *streeeetch, tud!*

Mmm, Ted made a coconut creme pie in class yesterday, so that’s what we had for dessert last night (traditional Irish dessert, right?), and it was v. good. Yum!

837 words this morning, must write some more this afternoon. But the damned book *finally* switched gracefully into somebody else’s POV, which I’ve been *waiting* for it to do, so I’m all newly enthused or something. :)

Cheerful me!

ytd wordcount: 104,800
ytd miles biked: 44.5

4 thoughts on “darned good mood

  1. Y’know, you writers are really odd. The -book- finally
    changed its point of view? The -book-? As it it’s
    an entity unto itself, disconnected from the writer?
    You writers are really odd.

  2. How many different POV’s does this book have? Are you writing it in a similar style to G.R.R. Martin with different chapters from different POV’s or like CS Friedman with changing perspectives in the chapters? (By the way I finished BSRising last night…awesome…again)Oh and please forgive my ignorance…which book are you working on right now?

  3. It’s more like CS Friedman, although this POV change happened to come at a chapter break. I anticipate having about, hm, 5 POVs when I’m done, although the rough draft might not have more than two.

    And I’m working on The Queen’s Bastard right now. Hey, we think we’re gaming Saturday, are you up for it?

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