desperately dehydrated

V. dehydrated this morning. Walked 5 miles last night, more than expected; thought was going on 4.5ish mile walk. Realized as hit final .5 mile marker on trail that 4 miles from, er, well, not starting point, but from point at which I knew how many miles were involved, was only fractionally beyond said .5 mile marker, and, well, still had .5 miles to go. Plus had walked .5ish miles before arriving at point at which I knew how many miles it was between X and Y.

Furthermore, then was callously abandoned by husband, who threw Jeep into reverse and drove away as I approached vehicle. V. upsetting. So tromped after him unhappily, and made up any distance which might have been lacking in 5 mile walk.

(Husband, incidentally, was not intending callous abandonment, but did not know where trailhead was, & remembered map which would indicate location to him. Unfortunately remembered this when I was 25 feet away from Jeep & drove off w/o seeing me.)

Feet hurt v. much now, although not as much as last night. Might not have been so bad if last half mile+ had not been all up stupid hill.

Kept eyes peeled for Ringwraiths, Elves. Saw neither, despite nasty fibbing milepost thing which claimed elves would be at mile 37. Did see moose. Perhaps elves disguised as moose?

Feet hurt. Thirsty. Cranky. Hungry.

Suppose could take aspirin, drink water, eat. Would alleviate most of aforementioned problems…

miles to Rivendell: 40.75

5 thoughts on “desperately dehydrated

  1. *HOWL* Defective cat.

    Poor hurty feet. I will not rub them again, though. o.o

  2. I did! 40 miles! That’s a lot of walking!

    I’m going to buy myself a pair of new shoes, though. Good walking shoes. Oh, my *aching* feet.

  3. Poor feet! I agree about the feet, as I had
    mild problems with my feet now, too. Funny
    that we’re at the same milage at the same time!!
    I thought that was pretty cool. Mile 37. I
    didn’t see any elves, either, just ducks.

    I wonder if they’re the same?

  4. I don’t know what milepost I’m at, though not nearly as far as you’ve gotten. And, I haven’t seen any elves at all! (Though, probably, as I’ve been going around and around and around my gym, I’m not likely to encounter any. Perhaps I can walk outside this weekend.)

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