dorktastic fangirl squee!

Yesterday for some reason Scalzi was listing his 5 favourite John Cusack teen movies and I volunteered that mine was The Journey of Natty Gann.

Meredith Salenger, the actress who played Natty, responded with an “Awesome!” and I am now totally full of dorktastic fangirl squee. OMG. #dorktastic

Seriously, that movie could be the place my great love of unrequited/impossible love stories comes from. Even now I think Natty and Harry’s story was utterly heartbreaking in the best angstful way possible, and of course in my head I wrote MILLIONS of stories about how they find each other again but no I am absolutely not looking for fanfic of that because if it wasn’t perfectly done I would hate it forever so no. o.o

But I do still love the movie, even a lifetime later, and I’m all dorky and happy now. #beams


  1. R. Francis Smith

    I live for that stuff on Twitter particularly. The other day someone (I want to say it was Dallas Page) said they got to hang out with Chuck D, and I commented that Chuck D is, you know, a legend. Then Chuck D followed me on Twitter.

    I know I SHOULDN’T think it’s a big deal, and yet… :)

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