driver’s license

I weigh what my driver’s license says I do, this morning.

Now, granted, my driver’s license says I weigh 190, so in some ways this is not a great accomplishment. On the other hand, it’s five pounds less than I’ve weighed in at least a couple of years and fifteen pounds less than I weighed a few months ago. And it feels like a GREAT PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIER, so I’m very happy.

Perhaps now I’ll go get a driver’s license that says I weigh 175, or something. :)

So I’ve lost 15 pounds! What should I do to celebrate?

(I should not eat the rest of the fudge. Actually, I ate enough last night that I think I’m all candied out. Yick.)

My goddamned site got hit by a spammer last night. I need to go install the MT-blacklist upgrade. I’ll probably do that as soon as I’m done with this entry. And then I have to clean out all the fricking comments left by the bastard.

It’s snowed two inches of wet sloppy snow. I may have to go build a snowman later today. :)


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