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Didn’t get up and write this morning. Lame of me, and I’ve got an RWA meeting tonight, so I’m going to have to leave work promptly to get my words in today.

Ted and I went around and looked at flooring yesterday and discussed the possibility of buying a really good vacuum cleaner instead of hardwood floors. :)

We also went to Alanna’s play, which was a very good performance of a not very good script. We saw the Lyses there at intermission. They said, “We knew *you* were here, Catie.” I said, “I bet Alanna does, too!” And after the show, Alanna said, “I knew you were here. I told my castmates all about you. ‘She’s the one with the laugh.'” :) But sadly, Alanna was zooping back off to Juneau right after the stage got struck, so we couldn’t all go out to dinner with her. But it was good to see her! And none of us (except, oddly, Ted) had seen her on stage since high school (not that he’d seen her in high school. Don’t be difficult), so it was pretty cool to get to see her act. She’s a good actor. Oh, and Sara Wisenan from Kenai was also in the production, and she’s also a very good actor, so that was *also* cool.

Zilli is wandering around wailing. I don’t know what his problem is.

Hm, let’s see. Oh! Irysangel, someone who showed up on my comments recently, turns out to be an old TwoMoons MUSH player. In fact , she played Shen-Shen during my tenure as Ember. *boggle* SMALL WORLD.

My stupid back still hurts. Must make a chiro appointment for tomorrow. *sigh*

Oh, and in a fit of indulgence, I watched *three* Highlander episodes last night. It’s getting light out later, see, and last time that happened it took me 9 months to start watching Highlander again, so I thought maybe I’d try to get through season 2 before taking a summer break. Plus I wanted to watch “The Return of Amanda”, which was the 3rd ep. :)

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  1. It IS scary, isn’t it, how small the world is? :)

    Or just how small the writing community is. ;) I suppose we all cut our teeth on MUSHes at some point.

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