Eeee! Rough draft of the back cover copy for THUNDERBIRD FALLS! It made me laugh out loud, and I wrote the damned book, so that seems promising. :) There’s a couple things I wanna tweak, but *dancie dance*! Happy me!

Coincidentally, I have just written the first seven hundred words of COYOTE DREAMS, and I am much more excited about the copy for TBF than I would have been two hours ago when I didn’t know what I was going to do to open CD.

Wow! Chipper cheerful me! Hooray! *dances more*!

I walked 6 miles today. It’s grey and blustery but not cold out, which is just perfect for long quiet walks on the coastal trail, and because no one is out on a day like today (er, especially at 3 in the afternoon on a work day), it’s *really* nice. Although I did walk by my friend Shannon, who said, “Blog about this!” *laugh*

When I came home from my walk there was a Dukati in our driveway. o.O

Ok, it’s a quarter after five and I’m starving, so I’m going to go make dinner because I have no idea when Ted’ll be home (the Dukati is his coworker’s and they went off to do some kind of work, presumably in the Jeep, which is not here), so I don’t want to wait on him. Did I mention that having sent my brilliant husband to culinary school, I’m now cooking most of the dinners? This was apparently the flaw in him having to go back to work after graduating culinary school… :)

miles to Rauros Falls: 204
ytd wordcount: 113,200


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