Entertaining meme :)

Meme: Take lyrics to a song, paste them to Google Language Tools. Translate them from English to German, then from German to French, then from French back to English. Post the lyrics on your blog and ask people to guess what song it is.

I on planet on a wing and a prayer, steal my grubby halation purely shade sees, the corner of my waessernTraums the eye of A do not steal outside unthreatened the light of morning could this heart roast enough the roof of the night are a feeling aiming at there the comparison this one of shifted animation, a-Zustand of Bliss cannot my eyes of the dependent encircling to precisely hold and absurd skies earth-bound a piece of suitable, I

4 thoughts on “Entertaining meme :)

  1. Hehe. Very cute – the last “I” was the giveaway for me. And “earthbound” somehow made it through, which clinched it. Now I’m going to have to try… maybe a Fiona Apple song?

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