evan the hero!

Evan-of-all-people is a hero! He fixed my layering problem! THANK YOU, EVAN!!! *dancie dancie dance* Now to finish the redecorating!

And then, Mom, I will scan in the pictures of Breic. Honest. I’ve just gotta get this done. o.o

Let’s see. Anything to report this morning? Nnnnnnnooooot really. *zums off*

3 thoughts on “evan the hero!

  1. Do you know that the area to the left of the main text is saying the following if run in IE6?

    Warning: Failed opening ‘/home/mizkit/public_html/leftnav2.shtml’ for inclusion (include_path=”) in /home2/mizkit/public_html/index.php on line 23

  2. :bows. :)

    I’m getting a couple of error popups here, but I suppose that’s all a matter of redesign-in-progress timing.

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