feeling better

Feeling a lot better today, which may or may not have something to do with having gone to bed at 10 minutes to 8 last night. Still a bit snorfly, but generally a lot better.

Sarah pointed me at this site, a conference called Mythic Journeys, which is convening for the first time this June. It looks incredibly interesting. Some authors I admire hugely will be there — Jane Yolen, Guy Gavriel Kay, (also Robert Holdstock, author of Mythago Woods, which I mistakenly held against Charles deLint for some fifteen years), Midori Snyder, whom I’m not really familiar with enough to admire hugely but whose book Beldan’s Fire I enjoyed tremendously, Charles deLint whom I still haven’t read (see above note about Holdstock), Terri Windling… and that’s just in the authorial section. It looks like an amazing conference. Wow.

I also discovered (finally!) an official GGK site, Bright Weavings, via Mythic Journeys, and now I know there’ll be new GGK next month. YAY!

Woo. Dizziness and illness suddenly slamming through me. I suspect too low blood sugar. *drinks water carefully, prepares to go downstairs equally carefully to get some cereal*

I got up and wrote this morning, which makes me feel like a much more useful human being. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

ytd wordcount: 65,850

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  1. He didn’t. :) I only discovered that last year or so, having refused to read any of his books my entire life because I disliked Mythago Woods so intensely. Oops. :)

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